Moi: Service Design for a Mobile (Love) Operator

By 2025 the demand for mobile connectivity will have changed from 5 billion mobile phones to 50 billion connected devices. Customers are more self-confident and want to control their devices and services by themselves in their own time, not waiting for operators to answer their requests. People want to have their services provided as a whole package, not as single SIM-cards.

Moi Mobile’s new logo.

Moi was a new renegade mobile operator that launched in Finland in 2016. The idea behind the company, which positioned itself as the “Love Operator”, was to plan the whole experience from the user’s point of view. The users are already mainly using data instead of minutes, on several devices, and they don’t want long binding contracts that will be bad deals in a year’s time.

Based on the strategy, we designed the user experience of the operator to be as simple and straightforward as their message. The principles of service design were used to facilitate the new needs of customers: get right to the chase, less clutter, big buttons, on/off sliders and clear prices. You could order as many SIM cards as you wanted for all your devices and have them all easily under one data plan.

Low-fidelity wireframes to prototype the experience.
We had to invent how the new pricing model was going to be introduced.

The brand was brought to life with some adorable characters to highlight how every person is an individual and has different needs.