Bittium: Creating trust in a brand

The engineering company Elektrobit is most famous for being lead by CEO Juha Sipilä, who went on to become the Prime Minister of Finland. Elektrobit had sold its automotive technology business to the German company Continental leaving it with a wireless technology unit that needed a new name, brand and a way of communicating its new identity.

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We held several workshops with them to create a new vision, mission, and values, which would resonate both internally and externally.

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Thus Bittium was born, a specialist organization, which was based on Nordic forthrightness. Their simple message was that regardless of the conditions, you could trust them.

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Bittium had many divisions meant for very different clients and the challenge was to combine areas like defense contracting, durable phones and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions under the same brand. I wrote most of their top-level content as well as their tone of voice.

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We created a brand book based on the needs of their content producers. The principles would have to be valid when speaking to an engineer from Lapland or the defense minister of Saudi Arabia.

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