GSK: Asthma to Bronchitis in five weeks

We created a concept for the pharmaceutical company GSK for a five week boot camp for pulmonologists (lung doctors) and implemented it in record time.

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The Pulmonologist Boot Camp was a gamified learning experience, which had a new theme every week and different videos and tasks related to it. By completing tasks and participating in conversations, the boot campers could get points and medals for their achievements.

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The virtual camp also featured distinguished speakers on pulmonology, who could tell about the latest phenomena via video.

Professor Neil Barnes
Professor Neil Barnes

We created a set of animations with a professional animator, which showed how lungs function on a cellular level and how pharmaceuticals affect them. It was a personally a surprisingly educational experience to write a film script about cell reactions. I didn’t know I would get such a deep dive into how muscarinic receptors are affected by acetylcholine.

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