– the journey from campaign to shopping basket. in 2010.

Before the infamous Windows Phones, there was no part of Nokia’s site that I didn’t have a hand in. The eco-guarantee of Nokia’s chargers? The side image of a red 5800 XpressMusic? The top 30 songs on Nokia Music? I made sure all the content was in the right place serving its purpose. At Wunderman Helsinki I was the main digital producer behind the website, the mobile site and Nokia’s online store. I managed a dev team over Jira to keep the site up to date. The Finnish web copy was also my responsibility.

I’ve written a lot of online banners.

I’ve also planned and produced Nokia’s digital campaigns in Finland.

Nokia influencer campaign 2010

An influencer-led Nokia campaign. The celebrities revealed what apps and backgrounds they have on their phones and you could customise your own Nokia smartphone right on the website.

The Angry Birds National Championships

Angry Birds, the gaming phenomenon on everyone’s lips in the early 2010s was put to use in a campaign to promote the new Nokia N8. Together with the agencies JWT, Robot, Miltton and Malja, we came up with ideas on how to create the first national championships in Angry Birds in Finland. I was representing Wunderman’s side in how we could use to promote the championships and the event site. The championships were a resounding success and the idea was exported via Wunderman to 18 countires on 4 continents.

Nokia organised the world’s first Angry Birds National Championship in Finland.
Case study of the role of Nokia’s site in the National Angry Birds Championship in 2011.

3. Nokia Maps summer campaign

Nokia Maps summer campaign to reveal your secret summer spots.

The Nokia Maps campaign got over 3500 secret summer spots tagged in Finland and you could see the places on your Maps app. From 800 000 impressions on the Nokia Maps app, customers navigated to the places 11000 times and got to know the places on the mobile page over 8000 times. The campaign made it to the finals in the Finnish Digital Marketing Awards event Grand One in 2012.