Nokia: Managing communications between 60 countries

My Network News was Wunderman’s weekly newsletter for 700 marketing agency professionals working with Nokia around the world. Collecting newsworthy material, picking out the best scoops and making a readable concoction was already a lot of work, but I also always added some of my own spices to the mix to make the weekly letter something to savor instead of annoying corporate spam.

In addition to being the editor-in-chief, as Global Communications Manager I took care of Wunderman’s internal Nokia network communications on a global level (more than 60 countries). For example, if Argentina came up with a great Angry Birds Facebook campaign for Nokia, my job was to make sure it was disseminated to the world so that Malaysia could be popping pigs the next week.

Coordinating digital production, maintaining a case library and being the primary source of information in a globally made sure that there was never a day without a message from me.

Check out the highlights of our work for Nokia in this creative reel.